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The gallery is here!
2023-12-09, updates

Browse through all of Hitholl's pictures from your browser

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[ACT Jan 27] Web update... And ads?
2022-01-25, updates

Local and production versions now match

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Web server changed to Apache
2021-08-18, updates

Bye, Nginx! And more

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EXE Executable Client! EXE
2021-01-25, updates

No need for old browsers anymore

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Starting Credits from 50 to 500
2020-11-04, updates

Old accounts also got the Credits

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HTML5 Xat and updated installer page
2020-10-13, updates

No more problems with Shockwave Player

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TLS added
2020-07-14, updates

Say goodbye to http, and hello to https

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2019 UPDATE: Rares catalogue prices fixed
2019-10-21, updates

It only took a year and four months!

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Showing daily Rare in the website
2018-07-04, updates

Online users counter updated too

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New daily Rare system!
2018-07-02, updates

Rares finally available!

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The gallery is here!

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