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Welcome to Hitholl Hotel

Hitholl Hotel is a virtual Hotel that emulates Habbo in its version 5, with the difference that here Credits are three times more expensive completely free.
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Any questions?

If you have any questions, use the form on the Contact page. One of our monkeys will help you.


The Hotel is moderated by a trained monkeys team.

If you break the rules of the Hotel you will be sanctioned by one of our trained monkeys. And I assure you that they are very well trained. You would not want to know what will happen to you if you put them to the test. I assure you.

No more problems with Shockwave Player
TLS added
2020-07-14, updates
Say goodbye to http, and hello to https
1000 registered users!
2020-07-10, news
It took a while, but we got it
It only took a year and four months!
Online users counter updated too

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Stack non-stackable Furniture!

Have you ever tried to stack something without success? Put a pizza box on the floor, put two mats and the non-stackable Furni on top. Now place stackable Furniture as if there was nothing and above the Furni to stack. Ta-da! When you finish you can pick up the box and the mats.
Register and get:

  -50 Credits
  -20 films for the Camera

Does that sound small? Enter and discover everything we have!
Online users:
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HTML5 Xat and updated installer page

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Golden Elephant
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