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1000 registered users!
2020-07-10, news

It took a while, but we got it, Congratulations, xlAndres78lx!

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2019 UPDATE: Rares catalogue prices fixed
2019-10-21, updates

It only took a year and four months!

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Showing daily Rare in the website
2018-07-04, updates

Online users counter updated too

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New daily Rare system!
2018-07-02, updates

Rares finally available!

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Teleports fixed
2018-06-30, updates

Room info shown

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Credits for staying online, chatlog and more
2018-06-28, updates

New day, new update

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Theatredome fixed!
2018-06-23, updates

The real Old School theatredome!

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New commands and Rare values system re-done
2018-05-19, updates

No more spaghetti code inside Rare values system.

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All news from old system imported
2018-05-15, news

Old news are finally in the new system.

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New news show system
2018-05-09, updates

Because a custom system is always better than other people's system.

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