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Badges system update
2018-05-08, updates

New Badges system, Camera films in Catalogue and a new shirt!

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New big update with a lot of changes!
2018-04-24, updates

Stocks fixed, Rares catalogue upgraded and a lot of more things!

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Added automatic Rares prices list
2018-04-06, updates

The missing feature needed to start Hitholl economy has finally arrived!

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|EDIT| A tiny -but vital- update
2018-03-25, updates

Finally working on Internet Explorer.

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New hardware and website update
2018-01-16, updates

Faster client load and faster and updated web. Read the complete changelog here.

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What happened?
2017-12-17, updates

Why was the maintenance so long?

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Can't connect? Missing some rooms?
2017-12-02, news

Read why here!

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Hitholl is finally open!
2017-11-25, news

Welcome to Hitholl, welcome home.

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