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Hitholl is running again
2023-10-27, news

Yet another article about downtime

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Hitholl is back
2023-05-28, news

The longest downtime ever has ended

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[Anniversary] It's Hitholl's 5th birthday
2022-11-25, news

Five years already since we opened. Happy birthday! What does the future hold for it?

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About the last downtime
2022-10-22, news

Why was Hitholl offline for 10 days?

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1500 registered users!
2022-07-15, news

Congratulations, NuoriM! You are our 1500th!

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Hitholl is back online!
2022-06-27, news

Why was Hitholl offline earlier today?

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1000 registered users!
2020-07-10, news

It took a while, but we got it, Congratulations, xlAndres78lx!

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All news from old system imported
2018-05-15, news

Old news are finally in the new system.

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Can't connect? Missing some rooms?
2017-12-02, news

Read why here!

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Hitholl is finally open!
2017-11-25, news

Welcome to Hitholl, welcome home.

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