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[Anniversary] It's Hitholl's 5th birthday
2022-11-25 by Alcosmos in news

It's been five years since I opened Hitholl, and a lot has happened since then.

Regarding Hitholl itself, It has been stated by me in here before that it hasn't been under active development for a while already. I might do an update soon to fix some bugs and add chat history, but even if that doesn't end up happening, there's something about Hitholl which won't change:

Hitholl will not close.
For as long as I am alive and able to keep it up.

Regarding Habbo Retro development, I've been hopping on and off developing a new v16 server from scratch for a few years already.

I haven't touched it for a few months, but since now I have a lot of free time after the exams, and this matched Classic Habbo's death, leaving the scene without the only strong Habbo Retro it still had, I plan to continue with it. A test Hotel might be opened soon, but I am not promising anything.

After this statement, and risking being too repetitive:

Even if I ever go forward with a new Hotel or new projects,
Hitholl will not close.

That's all. Keep checking the news in here, as something interesting might drop soon...

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[Anniversary] It's Hitholl's 5th birthday

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