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Introduction to Stocks market

In Hitholl you can invest your Credits in companies using an investment system which simulates real world stocks exchange, called here "Stocks market".

To get information from an specific company write :stocks company {ID}. For example, :stocks company EVE to search for Everest 3000 Inc.

Risk percentage is the probability of losing Credits. The scale is the value which Credits you have invested in a company are multiplied and which you will win or lose depending of the risk.

To invest in a company, write :stocks invest {ID} {Credits amount}. For example, :stocks invest SUL 15 to invest 15 Credits in $ulake Corporation Oy. Lowest value is 5 Credits, and 50 is the highest.

To recover your investment write :stocks redeem {investment ID}. Write :stocks my to see your active investments. You will can recover them when the status is redeemable, six hours after your investment.

Find this information inside the Hotel using :stocks help command. Things related with Stocks market will take place in the official Stocks room. To find it search for Stocks in the Navigator.

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