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[ACT Apr 13] First ever contest! Our library
2021-04-05 by Alcosmos in competitions

Hello, Hitholl! For the first time, we are holding an official competition!

Since Hitholl opened in 2017, there has been over a hundred users registered and many things going on inside the Hotel; secrets, trades, buildings... But all this knowledge didn't have a place to be stored in. This is the part in which you come into play.

We need you to build a library for Hitholl, a place in which people can store all their knowledge about Hitholl and old Habbo.

You can use any room model you prefer, and build the library any way you like. It must be called Our library and, of course, make sure to lock the room so you don't get copied. No problem with taking inspiration outside of Hitholl.

The best 3 libraries will be put in permanent display in Games category. Those will also be linked via teleports to an official competitions room specially categorized within the navigator.

All three winners will also get an exclusive custom poster featuring Hit, the guy that you see over the website's logo.

  • 1st will also get 10 thrones and 10 dicemasters.
  • 2nd will also get 5 thrones and 5 dicemasters.
  • 3rd will also get a rubber duck.

You have until April 11 at midnight (Spain time; UTC+2) to build your dream library so people can start filling it with all their knowledge about old Habbo.

Good luck, and have fun!

[UPDATE - Tuesday, April 13]

Due to low participation, contest end will be delayed until Sunday, May 2 at midnight (Spain time; UTC+2).

Last month users:
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1500 registered users!

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